Hiring without the buzzwords.

No bells, no whistles, only what matters. Manage through candidates in a breeze with our lightweight — yet powerful — Candidate CRM.

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Hiring without the buzz words.

No bells, no whistles, only what matters. Manage through candidates in a breeze with our lightweight — yet powerful — Candidate CRM.

Applications you can actually use

Make hiring decisions based on actionable data and not just keywords on a résumé. With Clarify candidates use their achievements to apply to jobs, showcasing what they've done and can do. You'll get better insights, have better conversations, and get to the 'how' results were achieved.

Data without the résumé buzzwords

Your current ATS or Hiring software – like most – will just parse thru résumés without providing you with much insight. They're like filing cabinets, sure they're useful to store résumés but they don't do much else.

We’ve stripped the résumé down to what matters most: the results applicants have delivered and can deliver.

Get the complete picture, not the buzzwords.

Hiring with your ATS

Responsible for account management

Responsible for new business development

Responsible for account planning

Hiring with Clarify

Managed $4M book of business across 5 accounts

Delivered $750k in new business, or +10% over LY

Planned and executed sales budget at 98%, a 200bps over LY

It's about quantity, quality... and results

Let's get straight to the point. You're looking for results, not smoke and mirrors, and definitely not buzzwords.

It's easy to have one-click apply applications, but it's hard to strike the right balance between quantity and quality of applications.

With Clarify every application provides simple prompts that allows applicants to showcase what they've done and can do. Not too cumbersome and not too easy.

Responsible for $5M account and growth of 2.4% in Q1


Promoted to Regional Account Manager


Mentored 1 direct report and 4 indirect reports


Reduced store credits by 10% or $47K


Increased OTIF
by 6pts to 98%


Reduced SG&A by 7% in Q2 delivering savings of $200K


Simple, yet mighty Candidate CRM

Compare and discuss

Compare achievements across candidates and decide. Use these to have constructive conversations around how results were delivered. Unlock better interview insights and better conversations.

Learn the process behind how it – not just what – was achieved.

Metrics at-a-glance

Get a status update on every open role and every stage in the process with just a scroll.

Create goals, set hiring budgets, and stay focused on improving the hiring process. Close the loop on the candidate experience with candidate feedback ratings.

Choose, OKR, apply

Based on the role, Clarify makes it easy to apply with minimal guesswork by providing examples candidates can choose from, edit, and apply.

You can also turn any of your existing company OKRs, KPIs, and Goals into application prompts. Fully-aligning your company goals with your hiring criteria and the value candidates have previously delivered and can deliver.

Revenue growth of X% across Y accounts


Acquired X new customers, resulting in Y% growth in revenue


Increased average deal size by X%


Increased employee satisfaction by X%


Decreased time to hire by X% or Y days


Reduced referral bonus spend by X%


It's 2021, the future of work is here.

Increased mobility and decentralized way of work.

We were on that trajectory, the events of 2020 just accelerated our way there. Yesterday's approach to hiring and nurturing talent is not the same as tomorrow's.

Focus on results, not yesterday's résumé.

The résumé hasn't evolved over the last 50 years and yet expensive technology has been built on top of such a fundamentally flawed piece of paper.

Leave your ATS and résumé parser behind and focus on results.

No bells, no whistles, just what matters.

We've made sure to focus only on what matters most, so that you can leave the résumé parser behind and focus on growing your business and building the best team.

Post fulfilling careers, not jobs

Customize the look and feel of your careers page, create inviting and energetic posts, and invite prospects to apply.

We're adding even more customization options everyday.

Featured careers

Have pressing timelines or roles you need to fill? Make them Featured posts and they'll be front and center at the very top of your careers page.

You're looking for results, we have them

Each application begins with a set of time-bound and measurable prompts, ensuring applicants demonstrate efficacy in the role being applied for, while allowing you to focus on highly-qualified candidates and results.

Better conversations

It's about having constructive conversations around how results were delivered and unlocking better interview insights.

If you can measure it, manage it

We've made sure to include all of the relevant KPIs so that you know exactly where you and your team stand.

We're working on adding even more relevant ways for you to measure your hiring process.

Honest pricing. Zero buzzwords.

With Clarify you pay one consistent price, no contract, zero surprises.


Unlimited jobs, candidate crm, and more.

What's included?

Unlimited job posts

Access for up to 2 team members

Results-based job applications

Branded career pages

Candidate CRM

Google Jobs Integration

Chat, Phone, and Email support

and more coming soon!