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Clarify is a clean and beautiful application that makes it easy to manage and grow your career, stays with you wherever you go, and whenever you change jobs, careers, and gigs.

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We're helping the world's leading talent manage their career

With mobility increasing more than ever, it's on us to own our careers.

Clarify puts growth-minded professionals in control of their own careers by providing the tools and resources necessary to make better decisions in the workplace, make otherwise difficult conversations easy, and make it easy to organize and showcase their best work.

Your data. Not your employer's.

With Clarify your achievements are yours to keep and take wherever you go. You worked hard, you should be able to showcase it.

Data you can actually use.

You'll have the leverage necessary to negotiate better wages or that job you've had your sights set on for a while.

No ads. No selling out. It's private.

We do right by you because we respect your privacy and don't sell ads. We don't sell your data and have no intentions of doing so.

Why Clarify?


Average salary increase earned by professionals using Clarify


Average dollar increase earned by professionals using Clarify

*Based on self-reported data by Clarify users. Individual results may vary.


Your contributions no matter how big or small.

It starts and ends with your achievements.

Turn your OKRs, KPIs, and Goals into achievements – no matter how big or small – and let your results speak for themselves.

Clarify keeps your résumé always up-to-date and makes conversations around your career easy.

Your performance review and 1:1s... on steroids.

Performance review or 1:1s coming up? Make conversations easy and negotiate your next pay raise by showcasing what you've done with the results you've achieved.

Be always ready to discuss next steps with ease.


Start fast, guess less. Achieve more.

Know exactly what to achieve.

Say goodbye to Google searching, blog post reading, or paying for pricey and cute résumé builders.

Now when you hear "add your achievements to your résumé" or "just show your boss what you do" you'll be at ease knowing exactly what to do.

50+ different ways to start growing.

Choose from over 50+ OKRs, KPIs, and Goals to start from, with over 200+ coming soon. All the help you need to start tracking your achievements.

Pick a card, customize it, and save it to your Stream. Done!

Day One

Be ready on Day One.

Your personal knowledge hub.

Day One is your personal knowledge hub for everything career related. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the workplace, tips, guides, and more.

It's always growing and it's always learning.

It's everything our education system should've prepared us for but never did.

You can take it with you anywhere. It's yours no matter where you go or what job you hold.


Discover communities or find a mentor.

Grow faster when you grow together.

Find communities and meet people that will help accelerate your growth. We're curating inclusive and diverse communities that matter to you.

Coaching, mentorship, and more.

Connect with Coaches and Mentors who are aligned to your goals and vetted and trusted by us.

Prefer audio? Discover and listen to the best podcasts in careers, business, and professional development.

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Some of the kind words we've received.

“It’s really come in handy recently when having discussions with my managers.”
Pattrik S.
Austin, Texas
“I love Clarify! As someone that has been looking for work, I wish I would've had this years ago.”
Dayla B.
Dallas, Texas
“Loving Clarify. Simple + so useful.”
Nikos P.
Athens, Greece

Pricing is important.

Honest pricing. Zero buzzwords.


Starting December 1st, 2020

What's included?


While we work on pouring the foundation for Clarify it is available for free, however we do plan to introduce a paid annual plan starting December 1st, 2020.

Not to worry, you won't pay a single dime ever if you're using Clarify today.

It's free.

We're providing Clarify entirely free to use to help professionals make better decisions in the workplace, make otherwise difficult conversations easy, and make it easy to organize and showcase their best work.

Take control of your career.

Grow and manage your career with the only app you’ll ever need.