With mobility increasing more than ever, it's on us to own our careers.

Clarify puts growth-minded professionals in control of their own careers by providing the tools and resources necessary to make better decisions in the workplace, make otherwise difficult conversations easy, and make it easy to organize and showcase their best work.

We believe in a world where everyone has a level playing field, with equal access to information and resources.

We built Clarify out of personal experience, we know hiring is broken, how frustrating the job search is, and how difficult it can be to showcase our best work and use it for better opportunities or to make career defining decisions – say when negotiating our salary.

It doesn't matter if you're in between jobs, changing careers or in search of your next freelance gig, working from home or from the office... we're with you throughout the journey.

Clarify is the only app your career will ever need.

JC Alvarez

Founder & User #1

Why us?

Your career. Not your employer's.

Ultimately it's on us to determine what we want and how we want it. Clarify empowers you to own your career and facilitates the decisions you make.

Hiring is broken. We want to fix it.

We've been on both sides, we know how frustrating and painful the job search is. Clarify is built to make hiring better and the job search easier.

We're the career & results platform.

Everything you need to manage your career in one platform. Focus on delivering results and growing your career with an ongoing focus on – tomorrow.

Your data. Anywhere you go.

With Clarify your achievements are yours to keep and take wherever you go. You worked hard, you should be able to showcase it.

Data you can actually use.

You'll have the leverage necessary to negotiate better wages or that job you've had your sights set on for a while.

No ads. No selling out. It's private.

We do right by you because we respect your privacy and don't sell ads. We don't sell your data and have no intentions of doing so.

Our mission

We're reimagining the way hiring is done by designing a whole new end-to-end process.

What drives us and keeps us in check.


We do right by you because we respect your privacy and don't sell ads. We also do not sell your data, have no intentions of doing so, and we like it that way.


We'll always focus on providing the resources that make your career journey a pleasant one. From day one to your last day on the job.


Clarify is built by professionals, for professionals. We know hiring is broken – we're committed to empowering professionals – and changing the way it's done.

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