We’re building the hiring platform you deserve.

We know hiring is hard and with too many complexities and variables, however we believe it can be better and that it needs to do so in order to meet the demands, of both talent and employers, of tomorrow. We also know you don’t make hiring better just by using and implementing technology like AI, ML, chatbots, etc. it requires more than technology, ultimately it’s a human experience. You're hiring people after all, not machines.

We’re building Clarify to meet both talent and employers in the middle, with the right data, while delivering the best hiring experience possible. We’re all talented job seekers first, this is why we’ve built Clarify to be the first job seeker-focused hiring platform. We truly mean it.

Ultimately, your hiring process is your product and we like to treat it as such which means going above and beyond what job seekers want and need. This means speaking, thinking, and building like a job seeker, but also executing as a world-class employer.

We have plenty to do and quite the journey ahead of us, but we hope you’ll be there with us as we build the hiring platform you deserve.

JC Alvarez

Founder, Hiring Manager, Job Seeker

We're making it easy for companies and talented individuals to focus on results, while providing an unforgettable hiring experience.

It's our mission. Period.

While others parse résumés, we're delivering insights.

Clarify is currently in beta. Companies that join the beta will receive special pricing for 6 months.