25 Measurable Achievements To Boost Your Hiring Chances

August 27, 2020

Providing measurable and specific achievements can give you, your manager, and/or potential employer insight into the results that you've delivered while creating value for your organization, all while setting your self apart from your peers and competition.

So you've decided to track your professional achievements, what to do now, and what exactly would you consider a professional achievement?

What exactly qualifies as a professional achievement though?

For starters, keep professional achievements measurable, for example take the following statement:

"Responsible for budgeting", it tells us what you were responsible for, great! However it doesn't really provide us with anything we can measure or go by much less an "aha!" moment regarding the scope that statement.

Now let's take a look at this very same statement but written with data points to provide context to your boss or potential employer, "Responsible for leading the budgeting process worth $30M in annual revenue". Here we're providing some much needed additional context by actually describing what that budgeting process actually entailed, was it $1,000 or $30,000,000, this is a very big distinction and one that can help you illustrate the value you create or are responsible for creating.

Second, ensuring you're being specific is also recommended. Let's continue with the example from above, we've got something that's measurable at $30M, now let's narrow down exactly what you were budgeting for aside from revenue. "Responsible for leading the budgeting process company-wide worth $30M in annual revenue". Here we now know that not only were you responsible for budgeting $30M in revenue, but you were responsible for budgeting revenue company-wide. The alternative would have left us guessing, is it 1 operating unit, a customer channel, a product category?

Why is this important?

With this method you're providing insight into what level of responsibility and accountability you truly achieved and at what level in your organization were your contributions most impactful.

Providing measurable and specific achievements can provide you, your manager, and/or potential employer with insight into the results that you've delivered while creating value for your organization.

Here are just 25 measurable achievements to get your thoughts flowing on what you should be tracking while on the job, again the goal here is to provide as much context as possible:

  1. Reduced costs by X% in Y time-period
  2. Delivered revenue growth of X% in Y time-period thru Z initiatives
  3. Delivered X% growth in margin for Y line of business
  4. Responsible for $X business and growth of Y% in Z time-period
  5. Acquired X new customers, resulting in Y% growth in revenue
  6. Mentored X direct report(s) and Y indirect report(s)
  7. Increased MAUs by X% in Y time-period
  8. Grew personal newsletter to X subscribers in Y time-period, with an avg. open rate of Z%
  9. Launched X product campaigns responsible for $Y gains in sales
  10. Received X certification
  11. Delivered X keynote comprised of Y audience members
  12. Named in X patents
  13. Led X initiative which delivered Y for company
  14. Responsible for X product from ideation to execution, used by Y# users
  15. Grew X online community by Y% to a total of Z members
  16. Improved user on-boarding sequence by implementing X
  17. Reduced CAC by X% while implementing Y process
  18. Promoted to new position after only X time-period
  19. Budgeted sales of X while executing at Y% of budget, an increase of Z
  20. Reduced churn by X% in Y time-period
  21. Created X training program used to train Y# of employees
  22. Increased retention rate by X% to Y%
  23. Built X tool utilized to execute Y sales or Z process
  24. Learned X programming language and created Y project
  25. Increased search usage by X%

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