Getting Started with Clarify: A Brief Guide

September 2, 2020

First let's start off by saying it's perfectly okay to brag.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can focus on how to brag while keeping ourselves honest and on message. On Clarify our goal is to showcase our best work and in the process demonstrate that we have a good command of what we're bragging about.

You'll quickly notice when you first signup for Clarify that there are no ads, we like to keep it that way.

Stream ☀️

Next you'll notice your Stream, this is where you'll keep track of your best work and contributions – no matter how big or small – without any distractions. We've put together a small guide in your Stream walking you through the 3 different Achievement Tags in Clarify (Personal, Work, and Growth) and a brief example for each. You can always dismiss it and never see it again 😊.

We'll also get you started with your first achievement and make your Stream a little less lonely. We recommend adding your achievements once a week every week, Clarify will automatically remind you every Friday just in case!

So what are the three types of Achievement Tags on Clarify and how are your contributions classified?


You can use the Work tag to showcase your best work and most valuable contributions, no matter how big or small.


With the Personal tag you can track personal goals from running, number of books read, or community service.


Perfect to track and measure your growth from job changes, pay raises, certifications, and more. You can use the Growth tag to group the things you've done to help you grow professionally. Often one of the most overlooked things to track, it's great to showcase what you've done to grow your skillset and personal knowledge base.

Cards 🗂

Don't know what achievements to track? Choose from over 50+ Cards to start from, with over 200+ coming soon. All the help you need to start tracking your achievements. Cards are organized into Collections like Marketing, Operations, Sales, and more. You can also see what are the most used cards on Clarify or within each collection. Pick a card, customize it, and save it to your Stream. Done!

Day One 🌤

Clarify's Day One is your personal knowledge hub for everything career related. It transcends careers, jobs, and gigs. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the workplace, plus find tips, guides, and more. You can take it with you anywhere. It's yours no matter where you go or what job you hold.

We built Day One because we know how difficult it is to get answers and be prepared.

Explore 🗺

In Explore we help you discover communities and people that will help accelerate your growth. We curate inclusive and diverse communities that matter to you and that are aligned to our mission. If you prefer Audio, we've also compiled a handy list of Podcasts you can listen to while on the go.