You're hiring people, not machines

Humanize your hiring process.

From warmly notifying applicants that their application has been viewed, to branded career pages. We're thinking Candidate-first.

Hiring is a people first operation. Period. You’re hiring people, not machines.

We'll concede, it doesn't matter what app, type of app, or hiring technology you use, it will not fix or be a replacement for an awful hiring experience. However we believe we can empower you with the right resources and tools to provide the ultimate hiring experience.

From job post to the first day on the job

We like to think about your hiring process as one of your product offerings. Everyone has one and you’re competing for talent, it’s to your benefit to offer the best possible hiring experience.

Just like you create onboarding guides for SaaS customers or unboxing experiences for your mattress deliveries, you should always strive to offer an unforgettable hiring experience.

We're all Candidates-first

We've built Clarify with a Candidate-first approach and this includes our resources. All of our resources are written by job seekers for job seekers. Why? because job seekers are your customers and it's important to think like them, communicate with them, and build around them.

From our ultimate guide to job posting to our guide to the ultimate hiring experience and our automations, we're Candidate-first.

Automate status updates

We get it, it's likely not possible to email every single applicant throughout the course of your hiring process, but it is possible to automate some of this communication while being thoughtful and genuine and providing a great hiring experience.

You can use Clarify to automatically notify applicants that: their application was received succesfully; their application was viewed; and their application was not a fit. We're not done yet, with more on the way.

Better, frictionless applications

Candidates love our job applications, they're not too cumbersome and not too easy. They focus specifically on highlighting their achievements and they're a breeze to complete.

No account needed and definitely no need to upload a résumé to then manually enter the same information found in their résumé.

You get better data and happy candidates. They get their time back.

Your employer brand matters, we make it easy

Attract and convert visitors into applicants with your own Careers page on Clarify. Elevate time sensitive roles to the top of your Careers page as Featured and more.

See a live demo of our Careers page.

Building a 360º feedback loop

The key to building the ultimate hiring experience is ongoing feedback. How do you know your hiring experience could be better? By asking.

Every job application on Clarify includes a feedback loop to not just understand how we could improve but to help you understand how your hiring experience could be better.

See all the ways Clarify works.

From mobile-friendly career pages to feedback loops.

Customize your Careers page with a custom header picture, logo, and more.

Every job post has a seamless look and feel ensuring applicants get the same experience.

Get a quick view of an applicant's profile without leaving your workflow.

Evaluate applicants while seeing all the relevant details around each job post.

Everything you need.. included.

Unlimited job posts

Branded career pages

Google Jobs integration

Candidate pipelines

Email automations

Custom tags

Candidate notes

Basic analytics

Results-based applications

Candidate scorecards

SSL & Data encryption


Clarify is currently in beta

Companies that join the beta will receive special pricing for 6 months.

Beta Pricing


Unlimited jobs, candidate crm, results-based applications

What's included?

Results-based job applications

Access for up to 2 team members

Branded career pages

Candidate CRM

Zapier Integration with over 3,500 apps, Careerjet, Jooble, Google Jobs Integrations

Chat, Phone, and Email support

and more coming soon!