There's a better way to hiring

Source & evaluate talent, fast.

Don't spend hours reviewing generic personal objectives or résumé keywords, with Clarify we're helping you evaluate talent faster.

Hiring is broken. It starts and ends with the résumé. We’ve been layering new hiring tech on top of an antiquated piece of paper. That’s wrong.

We have everything you need to find and evaluate talent the right way. Clarify helps you focus, early on in the hiring process, on the right data... résumés optional.


That's how many Google search results there are when searching for tips on how to write a good résumé. Ultimately you end up with buzzwords that have been sprinkled on top of a résumé like fairy dust. We think that's wrong.

Results-based applications are here

Every job application starts with the results applicants have delivered. Applicants can share up to 5 time-bound and measurable professional achievements from their career that relate to your position.

See a live demo of our Application page.

Your employer brand matters, we make it easy

Attract and convert visitors into applicants with your own Careers page on Clarify. Elevate time sensitive roles to the top of your Careers page as Featured and more.

See a live demo of our Careers page.

Communities are here, fish where the fish are

We optimize for finding the right talent in the right places. This means giving you more options to distribute your job posts in the right places for better results. From communities like DiversifyTech™️ and goodgigs™️ to Techqueria™️, we're continually adding new communities.

The days of posting job posts on mass distributions sites are numbered. You're constantly competing for eyeballs among a firehose of jobs... not with Clarify.

See all the ways Clarify works.

From relevant data at a touch to applicant quick views.

Focus on the essentials with the Clarify dashboard.

See all of your applicants in one central location with the most relevant data at your hands.

Get a quick view of an applicant's profile without leaving your workflow.

Evaluate applicants while seeing all the relevant details around each job post.

Everything you need.. included.

Unlimited job posts

Branded career pages

Google Jobs integration

Candidate pipelines

Email automations

Custom tags

Candidate notes

Basic analytics

Results-based applications

Candidate scorecards

SSL & Data encryption


Clarify is currently in beta

Companies that join the beta will receive special pricing for 6 months.

Beta Pricing


Unlimited jobs, candidate crm, results-based applications

What's included?

Results-based job applications

Access for up to 2 team members

Branded career pages

Candidate CRM

Zapier Integration with over 3,500 apps, Careerjet, Jooble, Google Jobs Integrations

Chat, Phone, and Email support

and more coming soon!