We release updates regularly. Here are the latest ones.


Salary Survey

Add ability to track wage growth and provide in-app feedback.

Launch Coach Experience

Make booking a Coach or Mentor meeting easy with in-app support for Chat and more. Allow for user feedback and ratings once Chat's are closed.

More Coaches/Mentors

Curate and onboard additional Coaches/Mentors, while providing an automated application process.

Expanded Cards

Add industry specific Achievement Cards to take the guess work out of wondering what to track.


In-App Feedback

Add the ability to provide in-app feedback via Typeform survey. Triggered based on X days since signup.

Day One

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the workplace, tips, guides, and more.

Day One is your personal knowledge hub for everything career related. It transcends careers, jobs, and gigs.

Expanded Communities Functionality

Provide additional information behind Communities featured in Clarify.

Additional Fixes as Needed

Making additional fixes and styling as needed throughout the app.



Need achievement ideas? Choose from over 50+ cards to get started, with over 200+ coming soon.

Achievements Stream

Revamped the Stream with a card-based design and colored coded categories.

Guided Start

We’ve put together a handy guide with Achievement examples and definitions.


Added a ‘New this week’ in Communities, to highlight a new community every week.

Expanded Communities to include new ones, and won’t require future app updates when adding new communities.


Added a Feedback feature, just go to your Profile and tap on Feedback, let us know what’s right or wrong.