Work has changed. The way you hire should too. So we're building the hiring platform you deserve.

We've completely redesigned the process for making hiring decisions and it all starts with results. We know results are what you're looking for and results are what talented individuals have done and can do.

Fast, high quality, hiring experience.

We believe every company should think of their hiring process as one of their product offerings. Ultimately, every company has one and you’re competing for talent, it’s to your benefit to offer the best hiring experience possible.

We've built Clarify with this in mind, from email automations that warmly notify applicants that their applications have been viewed, to making our job applications easy yet insightful.

We're faster, with better insights, and a streamlined experience.

Increased mobility and decentralized way of work.

We were on that trajectory, the events of 2020 just accelerated our way there. Yesterday's approach to hiring and nurturing talent is not the same as tomorrow's. We know the business requirements of yesterday are also not the same as tomorrow's.

We know that a decentralized way of work brings an added focus to results and value. We've built Clarify with results in mind.

Why Clarify?

We're not another ATS, we're not another CRM, we're not another job application, we're not another obstacle, we're not another vendor, we're not another wrench in the hiring process.

Respectfully, we know you're not looking for that.

Clarify is currently in beta

Companies that join the beta will receive special pricing for 6 months.

Beta Pricing


Unlimited jobs, candidate crm, results-based applications

What's included?

Results-based job applications

Access for up to 2 team members

Branded career pages

Candidate CRM

Google Jobs Integration

Chat, Phone, and Email support

and more coming soon!